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Bullet Planter for Australia

  • Retro Bullet Planter by Hip Haven

This purchase page is set up for Australia customers.  Only the short height bullet planter is available at this time due to postal size restrictions. Color selection will vary depending on available inventory. Packages will arrive via US Postal Service. Because our automated USPS interface will not process this transaction, we are using a a flat shipping cost of $65 USD each for first and second planters ordered.

One standard finish planter is $150 plus $65 shipping. Two standard finish planters will be $290 plus $130 USD in shipping because they will require two boxes. However, up to five planters can nest and ship in these two boxes for about the same cost, so we've built in a bulk discount to reflect that savings.

So, if you buy 5, each one will come to $176 USD including shipping.  Round up some friends to go in on an order with you! The Rattan bowl and alternate stand finishes will add some to this price.